Dawn Finnegan

“Top notch service and their team went above and beyond our expectations. We highly recommend their service!

Frida Krasik

Thank you Kim and Hugh, I was so lucky to find your company. Great service, reasonable prices and easy communication. Recommend!

Gelt Cargo LLC

“The best cleaning company we ever had. Very professional, well priced services and great to work with.”

Ga H

“If your looking for reliable and consistent performance look at them.They are very reactive and proactive going above and beyond what you expect.Try them one time I think you will be happy”

Ga H

“HK is a very quality company and their work ethic is top notch. The night crew employees are very professional and hard working and always have a smile on there face. Great company!”

Jan Doherty

“I know this person is very reliable. And does a wonderful job.”

Mike Marrese

“We are in our second year of using HK at our private all boys high school. The school looks tremendous all day. Their personnel are the hardest working cleaning personnel we have ever had at the school. They played an integral part in getting our school ready to open this school year for in person classes. They are well equipped to handle the challenges presented by the COVID situation.The ownership (Hugh and Kim) respond in a timely fashion to all inquiries. For great quality at fair prices HK is the one to call.”

Gregg Bambule

“HK has been working at our chemical plant for a few years. It’s not an easy place to keep clean, yet they have done so with few, if any, issues. Anytime something does come up ( a missed area, something exceedingly dirty due to plant issues, an extra area to be done on a one time basis, etc.), they knock it out the day I contact them. I am extremely pleased how they have been able to go above and beyond during the Covid-19 outbreak. They’ve added daily disinfecting, extra shifts when needed, added areas not normally cleaned, and did a whole plant disinfection. Hugh, Kim, and the staff that work the plant are all friendly and pleasant to work with. If you are looking for someone to clean your business, HK should be at the top of your list.”

Weston Burk

“HK are a great company to work with! The owners (Kim/Hugh) are both very pleasant and very quick to respond to inquiries. The cleaning staff have done a great job in our general facility (office) as well as our specialized area (pharma handling) which offered a number of unique challenges, but with Hugh and Kim, we were able to find a solution with great results. I would definitely recommend giving them a try!!”

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