Commercial Floor Refinishing Services

Commercial Floor Refinishing Services

Floor Refinishing Services for Professional Buildings: Office Buildings, Schools, Churches, Distribution Centers, Logistics Facilities, Warehouses, Manufacturing Plants, and More…

Floor Refinishing Services

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HK Facility Services. Inc. is a leading floor refinishing & restoration company that offers commercial services for floor refinishing, floor restoration, floor stripping, floor waxing, floor polishing, floor scrubbing and, floor recoating services in the Metro Chicago area. Our services guarantee to make your floors look like new again.

Large professional properties usually require floor maintenance services to help keep their facilities looking clean and like new. Commercial floor services are usually required for all types of establishments – retail outlets, schools, churches, departmental stores, service centers like restaurants and hotels, malls, and other such places where a large number of people come every day. To maintain a competitive advantage, professional owners want to keep their buildings in good condition. Keeping your floors looking new not only keeps your building looking clean but also ensures the safety of your customers and staff. Commercial floor maintenance comes with several benefits whether you hire an in-house or outside floor maintenance company.

There are a variety of factors to take into consideration when evaluating a commercial floor refinishing services company. These factors can include the equipment that they offer, their credentials and certifications, as well as the types of services that they provide.

HK Facility Services, Inc. provides the best, most thorough, and professional commercial floor refinishing & restoration services for office buildings, schools, churches, manufacturing plants, retail, logistics facilities, warehouses, distribution centers, and more.

We handle new installs or projects of epoxy flooring, terrazzo floors, vinyl composite tile, ceramic tile, etc. You need it, we can do it.

We also specialize in vinyl floor restoration and maintenance. We can restore your old vinyl floor bringing it back to life. We can also properly seal and polish your new vinyl floor to get that professional look and prolong the lifespan of your floor.

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Commercial Floor Refinishing Services Overview:

Why is Commercial Floor Refinishing & Restoration Important?

There are many good reasons to have commercial flooring refinished or restored. Commercial floor refinishing and restoration protects your business investment, boosts the overall value of commercial space and, ensures a safe working environment for employees and visitors. The list below are the top 5 reasons commercial floors get refinished or restored:

1) Commercial Floors Protect Workers’ Health

When commercial floors are refinished, commercial establishments benefit greatly by protecting their employees. Slip-resistant commercial flooring is essential for commercial bathrooms, kitchens, entryways, and other commercial spaces where employees work or visitors access. Since commercial floors are the first defense against slipping and fall accidents, floor refinishing with slip-resistance surfaces protects employees and visitors and ensures commercial establishments by providing a safe working environment.

2) Commercial Flooring Protects Your Investment

When commercial flooring is restored or refinished, it creates a protective layer that extends the life of the floor. Commercial floors are frequently used and are subjected to heavy foot traffic as well as chemicals and dirt. After a period of time, this can take a toll on your flooring and lead to costly repairs or replacements. When commercial floors have been refinished or restored, the flooring is restored to its original color, and integrity and is protected from similar problems in the future.

3) Commercial Flooring Protects Your Business’ Image

It is good practice for professional and commercial establishments to stay current with trends. This helps to maintain customer loyalty and a productive workplace. When commercial floors are refinished, or restored, it also helps to maintain a positive and successful professional image. Once your commercial floors are refinished and restored your floors will look new which will boost your property’s esthetic appeal.

4) Refinished and restored Flooring Increases the Property Value of your Commercial Property.

An Investment in commercial floor refinishing and restoration will increase your commercial property value. This is a wise commercial investment because when commercial floors look as good as new, you should recoup a return on investment because this will increase your commercial property value.

5) Provide a Safe, Clean Workplace

Slip and fall accidents are one of the leading causes of injuries in commercial building areas. Commercial flooring should be slip-resistant to prevent these types of accidents. Commercial floor refinishing and restoration ensures commercial establishments stay up-to-code and increase commercial property value.

With your flooring in like-new condition, it will protect your commercial investments and ensure safety for your workers and visitors.

Experienced Floor Refinishing & Restoration Staff

We understand that a clean and safe workplace leads to a safer, healthier, and more productive working environment. Our experienced staff will provide you with consistent, high-quality and, reliable floor refinishing and restoration services. You can count on us to get the job done right the first time. Our floor refinishing and restoration process can be customized and designed just for you. We guarantee your satisfaction. We care about our customers and strive for perfection.

We are a family-owned business located in Arlington Heights, IL. Our staff is skilled in every aspect of commercial floor refinishing and restoration and we can handle any job big or small.

We are proud of our staff and take pride in our work. Our commercial floor refinishing and restoration staff is highly trained and professional. All of our staff adhere to the highest standards of integrity and quality workmanship. We conduct thorough background verifications and have an extensive interview process to ensure that we hire the best. You can be confident that the staff cleaning your facility floors are quality workers with high integrity.

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