Commercial Janitorial Services

Commercial Janitorial Services

Commercial Janitorial Services for Schools, Churches, Medical Facilities, Office Buildings, and More…

Nightly Janitorial Services

Commercial Janitorial Services – We pride ourselves on understanding the unique cleaning requirements of each of our clients. We will work closely with you to develop a customized janitorial services plan that is best for your building.

We offer commercial and nightly janitorial service and cleaning for schools, churches, medical facilities, office buildings, and much more.

As a full-service facilities maintenance company, we can provide all of your janitorial supplies and consumables, as well as maintain inventory on those items.

We are loved by our customers and adhere to the highest standards.

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Commercial Janitorial Services – Benefits

When you keep your buildings clean and organized, it’s a sign of a successful business.

1. Make Your Facility Look Its Best For Your Customers & Employees
You want customers to do business with you and your employees to be proud to work for you. When your facility looks organized and clean, it’s a more pleasant place to work and visit. It’s especially important that businesses keep their common areas, warehouse, kitchen, offices, bathrooms, floors, or other areas clean. You want your business to stand out and leave a great first impression and every impression to be a pleasant one. By doing so, your customers will want to continue to do business with you, and your employees to want to continue to work for you.

2. Quality of Service and Expertise
Every business has its own unique way of operating. In some cases for smaller businesses, owners take it upon themselves to clean, dust, sweep and scrub. While this is feasible for smaller business locations, medium-sized and larger businesses require more care, attention, and expertise. Commercial janitorial services companies specialize in this kind of work. As a result, their highly-skilled staff can devote the time and attention to thoroughly clean every area of your facility. Additionally, they have the experience, expertise, and knowledge when it comes to the best tools, chemicals, and methods to use when cleaning different surfaces.

3. A Clean Workplace is a Healthy Workplace
Employees are at higher risk of falling ill or getting injured if a company fails to keep its workplaces clean. In addition, a clean and organized workplace is just a more pleasant place to work. You don’t want to lose employees due to a lack of sanitation in your facility. By hiring a commercial janitorial services provider, it will ensure that you always have a sanitized, safe, and healthy work environment.

4. Maintain High Productivity
An unclean, messy, and unsanitary workplace can hinder productivity. Employees can become less motivated, irritable, and distracted if their workplace is not clean and organized. Even worse, a dirty and unsanitary workplace can cause your employees to take more sick days because germs and viruses are more easily spread. Having your facility professionally cleaned on a regular basis will reduce the risk of germs spreading which will result in fewer sick days and higher productivity.

5. Preventing Other Problems
Regular facility maintenance and cleaning prevent accidents and other tragedies from occurring. Routine professional commercial janitorial services will help maintain every aspect of your business and facility and can help prevent problems before they happen. Is it time for your business to outsource its cleaning services? HK Facility Services, Inc. has the experience, expertise and, knowledge to help you keep your facility in tip-top shape.

Commercial Janitorial Services

  • Dusting all surfaces including window blinds
  • Polishing and dusting of all furniture
  • Vacuuming all carpets and spot cleaning treatments
  • Deep cleaning of bathrooms and all bath fixtures
  • Deep cleaning of kitchens and all kitchen fixtures
  • Mopping and sweeping of all floors
  • Glass cleaning in building interiors and entryways
  • Warehouse cleaning, including floors to ceilings
  • Emptying all trash & recycle bins
  • Janitorial supplies inventory management & supplies replenishment
  • Special or unique cleaning requirements? We have you covered!

Extended Commercial Janitorial Services

– Carpet Cleaning
We can set up quarterly, annual, or one-time carpet cleaning services to leave your office feeling fresh, clean, and stain-free.

– Biohazard Cleanup
Available 24/7! Whether it’s cleaning up rat feces or human waste, anything you don’t want to clean, we will!

– Ceiling & Rafters Cleanup
Ceiling and Rafter cleaning and mildew restoration.

– Power Washing
Complete parking lot and dumpster area cleanup. We first go in and remove unwanted debris and then use a professional grade power washer to leave dock and dumper areas clean and tidy.

– Warehouse Cleaning
Experienced in large scale warehouse cleaning, including floors to ceilings, repainting floors, and resurfacing existing floors.

– Vinyl Floor Restoration
We specialize in vinyl floor restoration and maintenance. We can restore your old vinyl floor bringing it back to life. We can also properly seal and polish your new vinyl floor to get that professional look and prolong the lifespan of your floor.

– Exterior Building Maintenance
All aspects of exterior building maintenance, from power washing, dumpster area cleanups, and window washing.

– New Floor Installs
We handle new installs or projects of epoxy flooring, terrazzo floors, vinyl composite tile, and ceramic tile. References available.

– Parking Lot Maintenance
Your parking lot is the customer’s first impression of your business. We can help improve that first impression by routine cleaning, power washing, resurfacing blacktop, and restriping the parking lot.

– Hard Surface Floor Maintenance
Experienced floor care technicians can restore your old vinyl floors to look like new again. We also do tile scrubbing, scrub and recoat, stripping and waxing, and ceramic tile scrubbing.

Experienced Janitorial Staff

Our janitorial staff is highly trained and professional. All of our staff adhere to the highest standards of integrity and quality workmanship.

We conduct thorough background verifications and have an extensive interview process to ensure that we hire the best. You can be confident that the staff cleaning your facility are quality workers with high integrity.

We conduct extensive staff training and we provide them with high-quality equipment.

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