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Carpet Cleaning Services

Benefits of Hiring HK Facility Services, Inc. Professional Carpet Cleaners

Hiring us as your commercial carpet cleaner will benefit your business by providing a cleaner and healthier environment for your and employees, clients, and visitors. The benefits of hiring us as include:

Quality workmanship: In many cases, business owners try to do the carpet cleaning themselves. They may simply try vacuuming or renting or purchasing carpet cleaning machines using various cleaning agents or chemicals. In many cases, this does not result in getting the same quality results as you would get from hiring a professional. Trained professionals like we provide at HK Facility Services, Inc. have the know-how, proven methods, and experience that will provide the best results for your specific carpet and building. We will guarantee that the job gets done right and it’ll provide a longer-lasting clean.

Clean Appearance: First impressions are important for visiting existing and potential clients. A clean carpet along with a clean workplace projects professionalism. Beyond appearance, a clean carpet is important because it creates a pleasant working environment for your employees which can increase productivity. HK Facility Services, Inc. provides everything you need to keep your business looking good.

Air Quality Improvement: Dirt, and dust in unclean carpets will eventually become airborne and can cause odors, become part of the air you breathe, and possibly cause respiratory problems. Our professional carpet cleaner staff will work to remove dust and dirt from your carpets before it becomes a problem which will keep your business environment and healthy and safe.

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Carpet Cleaning Services Overview

Complete Commercial and Office Carpet Cleaning Services

Continuous Care Program
We can provide you with continuous care of your carpet and flooring to extend the life and appearance of your carpet.

Full and comprehensive carpet maintenance
Our multitude of carpet cleaning methods will address the different soiling conditions and traffic patterns in your facility.

Full Carpet Cleaning
Complete wall-to-wall cleaning service for any or all of your carpets.

Carpet Spot Cleaning
We offer spot cleaning services for any carpeting that requires extra attention. This includes lobbies, public areas and, elevators.

Deep Soil Carpet Treatment and Cleaning
This can be done periodically which includes pre-treating troubled areas for stains and, heavy soil.

High Traffic Carpeted Areas
This method/treatment is used for heavy use and high traffic areas such as hallways, walkways, lobbies, etc.

Stain Resistant Treatment
This process will help to protect your carpet from stains and spots. We apply a fabric protecting solution to heavy use traffic areas which will help to resist stains and spots.

ON THE SPOT – Spot Removal
We can be there when you need us. We can usually respond within 24 hours. If you have a spot or stain that needs removing right away, we can take care of it.

Fabric Furniture Cleaning
Our Fabric Furniture Cleaning solution will help to keep all of your fabric-based furniture which includes chairs, couches, partitions, dividers, panels, etc. clean and looking new.

Have specialized requirements?
We can handle your unique, specialized requirements.

Experienced Commercial Carpet Cleaning Staff

We understand the importance of having a high-quality, consistent, and reliable commercial carpet cleaning team that you can count on to get the job done. A clean workplace leads to a healthier and more productive working environment. Our carpet cleaning process can be customized and designed just for you. We guarantee your satisfaction after each visit by our carpet cleaning staff. We care about our customers and strive for perfection.

We are a family-owned business located in Arlington Heights, IL. Our staff is skilled in every aspect of commercial carpet cleaning and we can handle any job big or small.

We are proud of our staff and take pride in our work. Our commercial carpet cleaning staff are highly trained and professional. All of our staff adhere to the highest standards of integrity and quality workmanship. We conduct thorough background verifications and have an extensive interview process to ensure that we hire the best. You can be confident that the staff cleaning your facility are quality workers with high integrity.

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